Sunday, October 22, 2006


Reasons I left

This is a true story....

I lived in Zimbabwe when I was a boy till I was 9. My dad and family fled in a hurry as the officials took our belongings. I remember the day clearly as I cried in the car holding my red Tedy bear asking and pleading with my father to take us back, I looked up at the place I knew so well and said I would never see my friends again and i was right. time moved on.... after we moved to South Africa in 1986.

In 2000 I started a family and noticed how South Africa the Rainbow nation was starting the typical African trickery of selective distribution. I was in denial for many years and finally in the beginning of 2006 I decided and admitted that the future for a white South African or any white person for that matter in South Africa was not only limited but also a pipe dream. I announced to my family that we would be leaving and this time my daughter cried and pleaded with me. Full circle we have come.

I leave behind 8 businesses that I started and own interests, many employees and clients, and hundreds of contacts that pleaded with me not to go. I can truly say i will miss SA and that I have Africa in my blood but, I do not want my blood to be split in Africa.

reasons for my move....

Crime is out of control.
Ministers are stealing our tax money and when caught out they are put back in power after paying fines.
Schooling is no longer safe for kids, drugs, guns, sex and other bad elements are rife.
Infrastructure degradation, no matter what they say it’s getting worse.
Cost of living is sky rocketing, the honeymoon is over.
Currency is unstable.
AA this means jobs for blacks not for white so we not equal we are the lesser. (we are second degree citzens, like in Nazi germany with the Jews)
BEE this means whites need to give away more than half of what they have built.
Medical costs sky rocketing.
Most of the top skill has left.
Lack of planning in infrastructure I feel sorry for people visiting SA during 2010
Land grabs they happen daily and are covered up by the ANC and other factions, many productive farms are now in ruin.
Resource misdirected to officials family members.
Destruction of buildings and other monuments.
Some one told me just before i told them i was leaving that 2010 is coming my answer was yes and so is Zuma.
South Africans typically say you can not compare us to the UK or USA cause they have had years of development. Ok that’s fine then lets compare SA to Australia, most of those buildings are still in tact and little has been destroyed and the Aussies have built a good country.
I am taking the ministers advice, "if you don't like the crime leave" thats what i will do.

Good bye SA keep well hope all goes well for you in future and the leaders do not cripple you like they did Zimbabwe.

If we are forced to leave let us take our technology with us, and we are forced, do not say we not, no more denials the tuth is all around you.

Long live the force of the monkey! NOT!
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