Sunday, October 22, 2006


Reasons to stay in SA

To pay taxes to the government. (only if you white)

To look after their extended families.

To supply the hijacking industry with new vehicles.

To support the illegal immigrants that are flooding into SA.

They are still in denial. They can't really leave.

Their visa has expired whilst overseas they have to return. (the reason most SA people return)

The weather, the mountain the sea the animals.

The ministers promises that things will get better.


The new president Zuma and his advisor Shabir Shakeit

Free land (if you black)

Low cost shares

Free water and electricity (for Blacks only)(net swarte)

Extreme currency fluctuations favorable for the shifting petrol price.

I am at a loss, I would really like to leave this country, but I dont seem to qualify for New Zealand. How do I get out? Any help would be much appreciated.
(will scrub toilets for a way out of this place)
Tell me more about what you have tried so far.

If you are desperate enough there are always options!
I have checked out all the requirements to move to New Zealand, and I do not meet any requirements. I have never considered moving away from my beloved SA before, so this is all very new to me. As it stands now the only place I could get into is another 3rd world country, go figure..
Have you looked into Oz? If I remember correctly, if you get the Oz work visa then you can work in NZ too.

You have to keep an open mind when wanting to leave SA.

Most importantly of all..TRY!

If you cann't get a work visa on your own, try sponsorship. Buy a ticket and fly somewhere and start asking around.

Thats what I did with the job I am currently in. I visited the country last year. Went to an interview a friend setup for me and hey bingo they offered me a full work visa and paid for me to relocate!

If you have contacts use them.

What 3rd world countries can you get in?
I have heard that its tougher getting into oz than NZ. So I thought I would rather try NZ because I like Kiwis more anyway.
Will definately try that sponsorship method you spoke about, seems to me the only way I could get out. On the other hand why would I ever want to go to a country that doesnt want me? As far as 3rd world countries I am pretty sure I could get into anywhere in Africa and also South America, but that defeats the object, out of the frying pan and into the fire as they say...
Thank you so much for all your help and advice so far visadude, its much appreciated.
The last time I looked it was tougher (for me anyway) to get into NZ. I've been to Oz and NZ and while they are both awesome places, Oz looks like the place to be. Just my 2c worth. If I was you I would do a LSD (Look See Decide) trip if you are unsure.

I wouldn't bother leaving SA for another African country, that is utter madness!

Not too clued up on South America so I can't really comment. I think the language spoken there could cause a problem for people that can only speak English!
I see, thanks for the tip.

I will make a plan to go see Aussie and see if its what I am looking for. Its clearly not easy moving to another country when you cant really offer them anything unique or something they need.
Australia require most skills, including bricklayers, chefs, upholsterers, welders etc. Check out

Good Luck!!
Australia needs all sorts of skilled workers, including bricklayers, upholsterers, chefs and welders. Check out

Good Luck!
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