Sunday, June 17, 2007


Calling all supporters of EscapeSA

Well, its been about 9 months since I have posted anything on this blog. There are many reasons for this happening so let me explain. I decided to leave the UK and have since started a new job in another country. To say that this was stressful is an understatement! Anyway, I have settled in quite nicely and hope to start posting again on this blog.

I hope people will email me with their thoughts, comments and suggestions as to what posted on this blog. I really want everyone to be involved. I still feel quite frustrated as to what is happening in SA as we speak so the tone of this blog will sound very angry and negative at can be times. I don't plan on censoring myself at all so if you are easily offended, point your browser elsewhere! My goal is to post quality rather than quantity so if theres nothing worth reporting on then nothing will be posted.

So lets get this blog started again and see where it goes in 2007!

Hey there Dude..

Welcome back to blogger land!
Glad to hear you are sorted out in your new space...start visiting the blogs again, it will draw people over here!
Alles vannie beste
The UK is a third world country in Europe. London is a multicultral shithole!
Well I'm pretty pissed off about what's happening as well
London is becoming a 3rd world hole for all the same reasons that SA is a shit hole.

Ahhh multiculturalism.

Thanks for the kind words Aunty Rotter!
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