Tuesday, August 29, 2006



P.W. Botha's Plan For Blacks - Sunday Times - 18 August 1985

Prepare to be blown away reading this. I can't believe I came across this. Can someone verify the source of this?

Be SURE to read this, it is most interesting...


SA not shaking white dominance

SA not shaking white dominance

"Sensitive to criticism about the slow pace of change, President Thabo Mbeki insists that better times are around the corner."

VisaDude: Yeah sure, if you're black and BEE enabled. If you're a Whitey out there you better have an escape plan because when the ANC really clamps down on BEE/AA you won't have a chance of making a living. Open up your own business I hear you say? Sorry BEE enabled. I hear you say: But I have a small company, BEE doesn't apply to me? Aaaah, it will. Contract? No, sorry, that loophole will be closed too. (I use to escape BEE/AA in SA by contracting and I often wondered when they would clamp down on this)

"A recent study found only 1.2 percent of the top 200 companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange were black-owned, according to Vundla."

VisaDude: Its scary to think what the consequences are when the percentage of black owned companies on the JSE grows. I can't wait to remove all the money I have invested in the JSE. If the unemployment rate is 40% and thats with 98.8% whites owning the companies on the JSE, then what does the future hold?

"South Africa has set a target for mining, one of the cornerstones of the economy, in a charter stipulating that mining companies should be 15 percent black-owned by 2009 and 26 percent black-owned by 2014."

VisaDude: Sound similar? Yes, Mugabe is nationalising the mines in Zimbabwe. OK, I hear you say, SA is not nationalising the mines. So what, more black ownership in this sector will mean only one thing. No prizes for guessing.

"One of the problems the government is facing is that some small firms enter into hoax "empowerment" deals with poor blacks, who are often paid a pittance despite being named directors and have no say in the running of the firms."

VisaDude: Hah hah, I love this. I bet these are whites fighting the crap system they find themselves in!

Monday, August 28, 2006


Can you believe this?

I couldn't believe that this ad on IOL was allowed! I took a screenshot of it:

It basically says leave for New Zealand before South Africa (ummm Azania?) becomes another ZImbabwe. Brilliant!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


My Library of books

Below I have listed all the books that I have read that have helped me come to the decision that it was advantageous for me to EscapeSA for my well being and future. I would recommend reading all of them if you can. They sure "woke" me up. If you have read any books on (South) Africa and the title is not mentioned, then please email me and I will update the list. I trust that these books will help you see the light!

Scourge of the ANC: PRAAG

African Tears: Kalahari.net

Beyond Tears: Kalahari.net

Government by Deception: Africancrisis

The Great SA Land Scandal: Africancrisis

What happens after Mugabe?: Can Zimbabwe rise from the ashes: Kalahari.net

With Both Hands Waving: A Journey Through Mozambique: Kalahari.net

The Great Betrayal: Kalahari.net

Defensive Racism: Defensive Racism

The Expat Confessions: The Expat Confessions

March of the Titans: A History of the white race

Here are some of the books that I am going to order and read:

Siener van Rensburg - Words of a Prophet: Vaandel Publishers

The New Great Trek: The Story of South Africa's White Exodus:Amazon UK

Goodbye Rhodesia: Amazon UK

Against the Grain: Amazon UK

House of Stone: The True Story of a Family Divided in War-Torn Zimbabwe: Amazon UK

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Communism is Apartheid

powered by ODEO

The "Death Of Johannesburg" blog is mentioned in The Right Perspective!!! Well done to The Real Realist!!! Fast forward to 2h:17m and listen for about 9min, there is a section on visiting South Africa and the Death Of Johannesburg is mentioned.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Happy (white) South African image

Oh how true this image is that was created by Jani-TOR. Tick tock, how much time does SA have left until Zimbabwe II well and truely kicks in?


SA = Zimbabwe II. But when?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The New South Africa

Is anyone out there still proud of the New South Africa? Every time I think of it I feel sick. Everything the New SA represents is against everything I believe in.

Geez I am thankful to be out of that 3rd world slum. Hope you have your exit plan handy...


Government incompetence

This lady requested, when applying for her South African ID, that a dash be put on the last letter of her name. She wrote her name "Anmerí" and in Afrikaans wrote: "let op na die strepie op i" (or "take note of the dash on the i").

This is what she got back:

Still think SA has a future?

Saturday, August 19, 2006


No news is good news?

Fellow Bloggers,

I will be going away for vacation until next Friday (25 August) so there won't be any new posts until I return.

Keep safe in Monkey Land.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Failed Land Reforms in Zimbabwe

Mugabe must bite the bullet and reverse land reforms

This will be interesting to watch. Mugabe has destroyed almost the entire farming community in Zimbabwe in just six years. Should things change for the better (unlikely in my opinion) it will take DECADES to get things back to how they were.

Either way, I wouldn't be caught dead in Zimbabwes chaos.


Squatter camps to appear everywhere

SA to speed transformation in forestry sector

"In a bid to speed up transformation in the forestry sector, the department of Water Affairs and Forestry in South Africa will soon allocate large tracts of government-owned forest land to previously disadvantaged communities."

Say goodbye to all the beautiful scenery in SA when squatters move in and start cutting down all the trees for firewood. You have the government to thank for this. Add in some litter, using rivers as toilets, informal houses and you have another squatter camp to ruin the area.

Hout Bay in Cape Town is a good example of this stupidity. Which area could be next?

Thursday, August 17, 2006


More Homecoming Revolution lies

South Africans are coming home

In the article it says that 1200 emigrants have returned to SA in the last two years and that 3000 plan on returning. Hmmm. I wonder how many of these people returned out of choice. Some people HAVE to return when their visas expire and they can't get an extension. The only way to stay overseas on a long term basis (or forever) is with dual citizenship or a proper work visa. People who have a two year working holiday visa CAN'T stay overseas unless someone sponsors them or they apply for a skilled work visa. One thing they conveniently failed to mention was how many people had been leaving SA in the same period.

If you do the Maths, 1200 emigrants over 2 years works out to 50 people returning every month (about two everyday). Every flight I have taken out of SA to the UK has always been FULL (many friends of mine have noticed this too) so the fact that 2 people return from overseas everyday to SA is quite laughable.

"Lots of people are worried about crime, job prospects and are scared of local red tape, but they are trying to come back," said Bailey.

Yeah, you had better be concerned about crime and BEE/AA. Theres no working around those issues. If you return and you are aware of these issues, you have only yourself to blame if it affects you. Why on earth would you want to return when those very items he mentions (crime/safety and job prospects) is what most people NEED to live a happy life?

"She said the Campaign assisted South Africans to come back home, it did not convince them to return."

Of course they don't convince you to return, how can they? Once they have mentioned the weather and the scenery what is left? Rape, crime, murders, high unemployment, corrupt government, high taxes, white genocide, incompetence, crumbling infrastructure, etc.

while others who left with the promise of a better paying job in another country were "cheated"

Its quite simple how working overseas in a first world economy operates. If you are skilled, educated and experienced in what you do, you will have no problem finding work. In SA it doesn't work this way, its all about who you know and BEE/AA nonsense rather than who is best for the job. Not a good way to build the economy now is it? Also, you'd be silly not to do your homework BEFORE leaving for overseas to make sure that you can find employment in your chosen country. This is easily done by using the internet or flying overseas for a couple of weeks to visit some of the employment agencies.

"the unemployment rate was getting worse all over the world"

This is a good one. The official unemployment rate in SA is 26% but realistically its around the 40% mark. How on earth can living overseas in a first world country with 3-6% unemployment be worse than SA?

Keep in mind that during The Great Depression of the 1930s Americas unemployment rate was 25%. This means that SA is suffering an economic depression EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Nothing but propaganda lies. Grab that visa and leave the third world nonsense that is Africa.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Pics of Cape Town - Driving down the N2

Ever wonder what the REAL Cape Town is like? We'll be bringing you a series of photos to show you a side of Cape Town that no travel agent would ever dream of showing you.

What you are about to view below is the highway
(the N2) you HAVE to take from the Cape Town International airport into Cape Towns CBD and other surrounding areas. This highway is "famous" for people throwing stones/bricks/rocks onto cars passing under the bridges. People have DIED from driving on this highway. Yet you never hear anyone warning tourists about this.

Many thanks go to my friend for taking these while driving at 120km/h. Heaven help any person who gets a flat tyre on this highway...

Above: New South African trying to escape the cage covering the walkway

Above: Notice how all the shacks have free electrcity

Escape Cape Town. Its a third world slum.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Who do you think will be SAs next president?

The results from the first poll are below. The question I asked was: "Who do you think will be SAs next president?".

1) Jacob Zuma: 11%
2) Cyril Ramaphosa: 6%
3) Tokyo Sexwale: 0%
4) Thabo Mbeki for a 3rd term: 3%
5) Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka: 4%
6) I don't care, SA is screwed either way: 76%

Monday, August 14, 2006


Metrorail and the FIFA World Cup in 2010

END OF THE LINE - Special Assignment

Now I have to ask the obvious question, how on earth is SA (ummm Azania?) going to be able to transport all the tourists that arrive in 2010 for the World Cup? Traffic in SA is already chaotic just on a normal workday let alone with thousands of tourists attending the World Cup. I can't imagine any sane person using the train service in SA.

You can see how the train service has degraded over the years just by looking at the condition the trains are in. They are filthy and run down. Why? Why should the Communists that run SA care about public transport when they have their own hidden agenda (like land reform and lining their own pockets).

Scary to watch how SA is being turned into another failed African state as the days go by. The boiling frog story comes to mind...


Learn more about your favourite (African) communist here:

Are communists running the country?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


New City Names in Azania (or whatever its called):

Ever wondered what the new/old city names are in South Africa? Yeah I know, it can be confusing trying to figure out where you live anymore since the names change every 12 seconds. You can find all the new/old names at:

South African Geographical Names System

Not only is this possibly the worst site I have ever browsed but the new city names suck donkey balls. Here are some examples:


eThekwini / Durban
Mangaung / Bloemfontein
Msunduzi / Pietermaritzburg
Nelson Mandela Metropole / Port Elizabeth
Tshwane / Pretoria (The Afrikaners must be fuming over this one)
Ape Town / Cape Town (just kidding, I made this one up!)

Whats next?

Looks like you'll have to learn all 11 of the official languages just to be able to pronounce the new African city names.


Here's something to be REALLY concerned about...

White South African farmers given six month deadline

Explain to me how SA is getting better? Remember, once the government starts screwing around with land rights and the farms then its "Welcome to Zimbabwe II". I quote:

"The South African government set a goal of returning at least 30% of commerical farmland in the country - currently in the hands of whites - to black farmers by 2014."

Did you see what year they want to achieve this goal by? 2014! Makes me more confident on my prediction that SA will start to become another failed African state in the year 2014 and that by 2020 it will be game over. Note how they said "at least 30%". This means that they may want to claim
far more that 30% of the white farms. Read between the lines...

And for those who think that the blacks are benefiting from the farm grabs:

Study says more blacks evicted from farms since 1994

Welcome to the Marxist/Socialist ANC. Just wait until the blacks get fedup of the ANC for failure to deliver what was promised to them. The blacks solution to this? Vote in the South African Communist Party (SACP)!

Heres one more for those that aren't convinced yet:

Land Restitution will lead to famine, claim commercial farmers

I quote from the farmer in the story above:

"I can see a Zimbabwe-type land occupation and famine coming." he says, as we climb back in his jeep. "I don't want to be here when it happens."

One thing that is really good at the moment in SA is the exchange rate. It "only" cost R7/$ and R13/£. This is why emigrating from SA right now is perfect from a timing/forex point of view.

Rather be proactive than wait for the serious problems to occur in SA. Apply for that visa TODAY. Remember, countries that issue work visas have quotas. If you're trying to escape and they have met their work visa quotas then its "No visa for you". You also need to factor in the time taken for applying for a work visa. Some visas can take years to obtain. Do you want to be in SA when all this chaos is going on while you wait for your visa to be (hopefully) issued? There are many bottlenecks in SA preventing you from obtaining a visa in a timely manner like Home Affairs and the South African Police Service. Some documents take 2-12 months to be issued by these deparments!

To end, read what South Africas deputy president (I won't even try and type out that long name of hers) says about land reform:

She said many believed South Africa's own land reform process was too slow and too structured.

It required "a bit of oomph", she remarked.

"We learnt a few lessons from Zimbabwe - how to do it fast," she said to laughter from delegates, including Zimbabwe's Education Minister, Dr I S G Mudenge

"We may need some skills from Zimbabwe to help us," she said.



Book of the day: Mbokodo: Inside MK : Mwezi Twala : a soldier's story

Book link

If you would like to learn more about the military
arm of the ANC then give this book a read. It is
written by a black man and some of what he writes
is not for the faint hearted. Why do I mention this book?
To change anyones positive perception of the ANC.

Purchase it while you can.


More to look forward to in Version 2.0 of South Africa

BBC Link

Theres just no hope for Africa.

Save yourselves.


So we're all created equal? Right...

Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS(and one Lie)

Theres even a section on this site about SA.

Having Marxist savages running SA will result in nothing but total collapse.

You've been warned.

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