Thursday, June 21, 2007


Murder Rates

Today I was chatting to some work colleagues and they asked me about Azanias murder rate. So I said there were about 50-60 murders EVERYDAY that we know of. The group of them looked at me horrified like I had just said something evil.

Then I asked, so whats the murder rate here?

Someone answered, about 2 or 3 murders.

I said: Everyday?

They said: Nope

I said: Every year?

They said: Nope...thats for the last 30 YEARS!!!!

Time to escape CoonLand? I think so.


Where are you visadude?
sounds like paradise :-)
Well over FIFTY times more chance of you getting murrderred in Arsezania than in London!


(thank fuck for me Sanlam shares me can sit here and laugh - BUT - me's tired of... me's tired of...)
I really wish I could reveal where I am living currently!

I can say that I enjoy not living in a big city. The airs cleaner here, theres little to no traffic, quality of lifes great, the vast majority of the population here is white, theres no beggars and almost no unemployment.

I can honestly say, I hope I never have to live the big city life again.
Heck Visadude!

"Not fair!"

Hi-hi. Hi-fuckin' hi.
Hi Visadude,

Sounds like you live in a small city in Canada. I wish more S.A.'ns would move here. Except for the animals (you can see them in a zoo) everything you need (oceans, Rocky mountains, clean air, clean water, nice people safety) is here. And, Oh yes, a future for your children.
Think of Africa as one BIG zoo without the cages!
Erm...2 or 3 murders a year?
Reading these posts is great!

Keep the guesses coming...;-)
It's got to be... The Falkland Islands! Malta? Gibraltar??
Oooooh, The Falkland Islands, I am tempted!!!
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