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Population predictions for Apezania (use to be called South Africa)

The other day I was chatting to a friend online and he was droaning on about how the Afrikaners were going to take back control of Azania due to AIDS killing a huge chunk of the darkies. I totally disagreed with his argument (he was an Afrikaner BTW) and I am going to explain why in this post. Keep with me on this one. There are some calculations but nothing difficult.

According to the CIA web site:

Arseania has a population of 44 million as of July 2007. They also mention that Apezanias population "growth" is -0.46%. Lets round it up and says its -0.5% just to keep the calculations simpler (this also allows the kaffir apes that read this site to follow whats going on).

Ethnic group break down is as follows according to the CIA site (as of 2001):
Black African monkeys: 79%
White: 9.6%
Coloured: 8.9%
Indian/Asian: 2.5%

Lets assume that:

1) The white popultation grows by 1.5% (the world growth rate according to the CIA World Fact Book is 1.167%)
2) The negative "growth" rate of -0.5% only applies to the SNBs (Savage Negro Beasts)
3) Lets ignore immigration to keep things simple for now as no one knows for sure how many whites have REALLY left SA
4) Lets forecast up until the year 2050

As you can see I am painting the most positive picture possible here from a whites perspective as we are using a high birth rate for the whites and ONLY applying the negative growth rate to blacks.

So out of 44 million Azania citizens there are:
1) 35 million monkeys
2) 4.2 million whities
3) 3.9 million coloureds
4) 1.1million Asians/Indians

For this discussion we are only really interested in the black ape group...all 35 million of them. Roughly, whites are outnumbered by non-whites by about 10 or 11 to 1.

Sooo. If we lose 0.5% of the 35 million apes every year that works out to around 220000 monkeys dying every year. Since we are working this out until the year 2050 there are 43 years left (2050 minus 2007). 43 years times 220000 equals: 9.5 million (this has NOT been worked out using compounding to keep things simple. Had we used compounding then fewer blacks would have died overall. Again, think best case scenario for whitie).

We started with 35 million monkeys in 2007. In 2050 we will have about 25.5 million apes left.

Now lets work it out for the white race.

If the white race grows by 1.5% every year then there will be around 63000 births every year. Times that by 43 years and you get 2.7 million.

So in the year 2050, we will have 25.5 million kaffirs left and the white race would have grown to 6.9 million. This gives us a ratio of blacks to white of about 4:1.

Now remember this is the BEST case scenario for be outnumbered by 4:1!!!! This Afrikaner guys argument was that they would be wiped out and we could EASILY take back SA and rule. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Bear in mind that I have ignored:
1) Illegal immigration
2) A possible cure for AIDS and other diseases
3) Whites leaving the country for greener pastures

All the above points paint a bleak future for the white race if this is your reason for sticking around.

You may want to check out this link:

Population Growth

They say SAs popultation will drop from about 43 million in 2000 to 32 million in 2050!!! Thats a drop of 25%!!!

So I ask you with tears in my eyes, how can AIDS possibly help us take back control of ZA? Any ideas? Have I got it all wrong?

The funniest part of the conversation was that he thought that PW Botha and Co. had invented AIDS...

PS: Fleeing the turd world that Apezania has become only delays the inevitable for the white race...extinction (thats if things continue as they are world wide). But we'll save that discussion for another time.

If HIV didn't excist, then the Black population growth rate would have been much higher.

Therefore VIVA to HIV / AIDS
The ANC realised this negative black population growth- therefore they support the illegal aliens coming into South Africa. These illegals will marry the local population, get citizenship and vote for the ANC.

The ANC has an endless supply of monkeys from Africa. They want to take the borders away (like in Europe) so your figures may be completely wrong, and the situation might become much worse.

I think the true figures regarding the black population growth rate is suppressed. HIV is having a great time under them, but it may take another 25 years for this effect to become noticably visable.
The whites that stay in South Africa are going to end up on the same level as the blacks,corrupt and uneducated.
@ t

The whites won't just be corrupt and uneducated...they will be targeted and slaughtered. Think "White Genocide".

Lets not beat around the bush here. The future for whites in SA is very sad indeed. About the only thing whites have on their side currently is that the monkeys are slow and not very organised.

Either way I glad I am not around when they get their shit together.

The year 2014 for me still spells the end as we know it for SA.
Informative post. We have big challenges ahead of us. Hmm... time to start making LOTS of white babies - dunno what else to suggest. Oh ja - and keep the apies and monkeys away from the little white babies.
I think the numbers used ie 220,000 pa deaths is totally inaccurate. The other day number of 1,000- 1,200 per day and increasing were mentioned in the press.

If one took the percentages admitted by the useless SANDF 26% infection rate (Although a medical doctor from 3 mill hospital mentioned figures as this as 70% on the BBC recently) and took the Police force (36%) and the average and applied the result to the 43 million monkeys, then app. 15.5 million are infected and not 5.4 mill as indicated by this fucking useless commie government.
The useless commie number is based on the number of pregnant women that are HIV infected, which is totally stupid.

I suggest you rework your number based on +/- 1,200 to 1,500 (438,000 - 547,500 pa) deaths per day with an compounded increase of .18 Percent (government infection rate) per year.
And remember the percentage will decrease when the optimum point has been reached.

Also bear in mind that AIDs is not the biggest killer in SA today but TB is and is running rife amongst the monkey’s.

No doubt other disease will appear to assist in the increase in numbers as the infrastructure starts collapsing.

Some HIV stats on other countries in sub Sahara Africa

Botswana +/- 40%
Zimboonia +/- 43-50%
Swaziland +60%
Lesotho +/- 34%
Zambia +/- 50%
Malawi unknown but a noticeable decrease in population due to AIDS and migration
Mozambique +/- 40%

To add to this Satellite pictures of central Africa have indicated that the vegetation is growing back as there are less people that use trees etc for fuel.
Hey Visadude

Very optimistic, these figures. Consider that at least 1 Million illegal ape immigrants are flooding into SA each year, and that in Sub-Saharan Africa there are 650 MILLION of these savage beasts. Regarding the Whites: emigration notwithstanding, consider the incredibly high number at which we are being ethnically cleansed.

No matter which way you look at it, we are so utterly & thoroughly FUCKED. There is simply no option but to leave if one has any hopes of your White DNA having any sporting chance.
I often think that a group of Scientists created the AIDS virus to reduce homosexuality and blackness. Maybe I sound like a nut and maybe in a way I am but it seems just as the homosexuals were gaining power in large cities this started. Where was AIDS in the 50's or 60's? I also think it was unleashed in Africa as well because of a way to reduce the black population. Whites just can't pick up and leave this I understand. Perhaps White South Africans can unleash another virus amongst the blacks again. I'm surprised no one is supplying dirty hyperdermic needles in the ghettos.
Hey UG,

That was the point of this post. To show how utterly FUGGED the white race is in (South) Africa.

South Africas situation doesn't scare me as much as what the future holds for the white race in the West. How the hell does one deal with that depressing thought? You can only run so much before the force of the monkey catches up to you.

Have you seen the latest census figures for the USA? Only 66% of the population is white now and dropping like a stone. I will be posting something about this shortly.

I was watching a BBC documentary about Racism the other night and they said that in the past they said that Whites should NEVER be allowed to breed with savage monkeys as the monkey DNA always kills the White DNA.

Some people still haven't learnt.
Hi Visadude

You're 100% right. All over the world, our numbers are dwindling. We are in serious shit - the only places which seem OK is the North Western part of the USA (for how long) and also NZ and OZ, although they're being flooded by the gooks & chinks.
As for Europe, I fear the enemy is already within the gates of the camp of the saints- same with the continental USA. Our grand children's children will have to deal with some serious issues. For a peep of the future, read David Duke's book "My Awakening", especially the part on India. Cold consolation I guess is that you & will not live to see this...

Hah, skip the USA altogether. Its a Spanish state now. Having lived/worked there I can attest to this. I have to agree with you on Oz/NZ though. I have visited Oz and if my visa doesn't get renewed where I am currently I am off to Oz. I plan to see more of Europe but I am sure what my eyeballs will see will prove what the future holds for whites.

I cringe everytime I think about my friends children. What will these kids have to live through? Will they still act/be white if they are brought up with apes? They WILL be forced to integrate and behave like these SNBs..they won't have any other choice will they?

Oh how I would like to fast forward 100 years.

Funny you should mention the book "My Awakening". I have it but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I STRONGLY suggest a book called "Defensive Racism"

The author also has an online column/podcast at:

Thanx Visa, I'm a huge fan of Ed Steele, been on his mailing list for the past 5 years already. He's a crusty old bugger but shoots straight & doesn't mince his words.
We had quite a fallout a few years ago when I dared to criticise his "pro-homo" stance, he even kicked me off his mailing list for a while ;) Every one in the (bowel) movement went apeshit, thought Ed went off his rocker. He eventually backed off but made some valid points, essentially along the lines of my enemy's enemy is my friend, or somesuch.

Haven't read "Defensive Racism" though, although the few excerpts I've seen runs quite parallel to what we do on SAS (my detractors call it "offensive" racism :)U don't have it in PDF? Would love to get my paws on it. I've got some good tomes to swop, "A Distant Thunder" (Harold Covington) is one. Similar story line to Turner Diaries but a bit more suave.

Duke paints a chilling picture of the future, especially with his piece on India - read that chapter first, especially the history bit- apart from learning about 2000 year old Apartheid (caste system) I learned WHY they put it in place, and how SA, Europe & the USA will eventually come to resemble modern day India.
Hey UG,

The thing I liked about the book Defensive Racism is that it doesn't just cover the racial situation in the US but covers investing/money and protecting yourself when this mess unravels.

I'm afraid I don't have the book in PDF format. Tell you what I am gonna do though. Drop me a personal email at and I will mail the book to you. No strings attached. This will be the second book I give away to spread the word (so to speak). All I ask for in return is that you do the same for someone else oneday...;-) Maybe we could start a book swapping blog group!

I read a book called "OverCrowded Britain: Our Immigration Crisis Exposed". Whites are well and truely fucked by the year 2050 in the UK. When I read it, it sent chills through my spine. You can't believe how the asylum seekers abuse the system and take advantage of the Pommies.

Lemme know re book.
The ANC shitbags are well aware that their precious baboon voters are expiring that is why they want to let more apes in through the borders.
If you think you will catch them dozing while all their blacks die off and suddenly the whites can take power again you badly mistaken.
Importing and hiding military weapons until the whites are so pissed off they will take to the streets and fight is the only way to get power back. A terrorist war will never work for whites only for blacks.
Spread of HIV in Africa outpaces treatment efforts
If you the Guts to read between the lines , you will see that ARV’s are only giving people more time to infect more Klip Gooiers.

The ARV effort is now helping the Aids Epidemic giving it that potential to even infect more people than would have been possible under natural conditions

When Dealing with something like this Isolation should have been done in the early years and ………..Now Huston has n very very Big probelmo

Lets see how XDRTB is going to play the field along with it’s buddy AIDS

Spread of HIV in Africa outpaces treatment efforts
June 22, 2007Although "billions of dollars are spent" on expanding access to antiretroviral drugs in Africa, the "goal of controlling" the spread of HIV on the continent "remains remote," the Washington Post reports. The "problem is not the medicine, which is among the most powerful in the world," according to the Post. Prevention programs in places like the US and Europe already were successful against smaller-scale HIV and AIDS epidemics when antiretrovirals became available and created a "turning point in the battle against AIDS," the Post reports. However, prevention programs in sub-Saharan Africa "have mostly failed to curb the behavior - especially the habit of maintaining several sexual partners at a time - that drives the epidemic," according to the Post. International health officials and HIV and AIDS advocates "once predicted" that expanding treatment access would improve prevention efforts by promoting openness about the disease and facilitating education efforts, the Post reports. But among the African countries most affected by the disease, only Zimbabwe - which has one of the region's smallest treatment programmes - has reported a recent decrease in HIV cases. Expanded Treatment Access According to the Post, the positive results seen among HIV-positive people who began taking antiretrovirals around 1997 "spurred a wave of optimism about treatment that eventually swept away political resistance to a mass rollout" of the drugs in Africa. Francois Venter, president of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society, said that although antiretrovirals became increasingly available relatively quickly, he never saw signs that expanded treatment access contributed to a decrease in new HIV cases. According to Venter, who works at Johannesburg Hospital's AIDS clinic in South Africa, sex drives often return as antiretrovirals begin to work. He added that an increasing proportion of women at the clinic became pregnant, which he interpreted to mean that the clinic's efforts to distribute condoms were not effective. Although access to antiretrovirals has increased, waiting lists for the drugs in South Africa and other countries often are months long. Stigma also means that many people die of Aids-related illnesses without acknowledging that they have the disease, the Post reports. In addition, people living in remote areas often "struggle to find doctors who have access to antiretrovirals," according to the Post. Promoting adherence to treatment regimens, many of which require taking drugs twice daily, also has proven more difficult than health officials predicted (Timberg, Washington Post, 6/20).

Aids will not do the Job , but war and hunger will , like in Zim
The other night I gave a Tanzanian makwerekwere food and a fag - BUT - the only reason I gave was to ensure my well-being in this place - or call it - a method of insuring your ongoing thrivival in this dump heck!
Problem: Illegal immigration. It's estimated that we already have over 10,000,000 illegals from other African countries. These mostly arrived since the new SA. Given the borders are becoming more porous and Zim is collapsing we can expect at least another 1,000,000 per year to come into the country over the next ten to twenty years, best case scenario. These guys are all "here to stay" (that's a direct quote from Mbeki even, and the trend is to open the borders more and more), and their circumstances almost ensure that a huge proportion will turn to crime. They're coming in much faster than HIV can kill them. (Thanks to corruption many thousands of them have literally bought SAn citizenship --- *real* IDs, many of them are on the ID system as actual citizens now, there is literally no real way to even know that they were ever immigrants).
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