Sunday, July 08, 2007


Time for a LAUGH!

Escape Artist on Ape World

And I quote:

“Whether natural or human in nature, South Africa’s threats only demand common sense and a modicum of care to overcome.”

Read it and laugh.

And a Glock 17 with 3 31 round mags full of hollowpoints .
Well, I earn a decent salary and I cannot afford a house with a swimming pool. The government is not sensible either.

How nice of him not to mention BEE, AA or EE. Also, according to him, crime is over-publicized and therefore just a perception. Sound familiar ?

Wow ! Best healthcare in Africa ! Now that's something to be proud of. (sarcasm).

And he also claims "superior internet coverage" and excellent transport system. Huh ? Our internet is crap. Our public transport system is useless.

And don't get me stared on "low cost power production" - when we even have power.

Michael Honeth is a fucking liar !!
EV'RYWHERE - I swear.
I finally escaped SA !!!!!!
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